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EasyGrapher Home is computer software for needlework designers who want to design cross stitch graphs using an array of powerful editing features. With it you can create graphs from scratch and convert scanned pictures or clipart with automatic color matching.

EasyGrapher Home prints professional quality graphs in either color or black and white using a TrueType font with symbols especially designed for needlework graphs.

EasyGrapher Home sells for $99. Additional ordering and price information is on the Ordering page.

For owners of EasyGrapher 97, click here to see a detailed list of the enhancements in EasyGrapher Home and upgrade information.

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In the interest of space, only the more important features are listed. If you are looking for a particular feature not listed, first check the EasyGrapher Professional page. If it isn't there, you can email us about it or download the demo and check the programs directly.

Chart design features
  1. Design graphs in color directly on the screen.
  2. Graphs can have up to 108 symbols/colors of your choosing.
  3. Backstitch lines can be draw in 5 different line styles/colors with point-to-point line drawing.
  4. Choose symbols from a list of 174 symbols that are specially designed for needlework graphs.
  5. Graph size is virtually unlimited (500 by 500).
  6. Full, half, quarter stitches, and French knots are supported.
  7. Create graphs with both square and non-square grid sizes.
  8. The Sticky Lines feature can be used to quickly outline a figure.
  9. Font and Pattern libraries can be built and used in charting.
  10. Automatically chart typed in text with either a TrueType font or your own designed Font Library.

View features
  1. Customize the display to use colored symbols, colored blocks, colored stitches, or black and white symbols.
  2. View lines as line styles or as colored, black, or white lines.
  3. The fabric/background color can be changed to any DMC or Anchor color.
  4. Display the graph in 9 different sizes on the screen.
  5. View a silhouette of the design in progress

Editing features
  1. Automatically draw backstitch lines around symbols.
  2. Patterns (motifs) or whole graphs can be pasted directly from disk files.
  3. Supports true multi-level undo to erase mistakes.
  4. Cut, copy, paste, flip, delete, and rotate designs or parts of designs.
  5. Fill an irregular shaped area or a selected block with a color/symbol.
  6. Shrink or enlarge all or part of a chart.
  7. Flip Copy can quickly create a mirror-image copy of a chart.

Print features
  1. Prints beautiful, professional quality charts in black and white or color in whatever size you want with 4 different grid styles, 6 different symbol styles, and 4 line style choices.
  2. Customize the printed chart with center line markers, customizable title line, blank grid squares around the border, and page numbers.
  3. Print a shaded overlap for charts printed on multiple pages.
  4. Print only a selected area.
  5. Preview your chart on the screen before printing it.

Import Features
  1. Convert 30 different types of graphic files into charts in whatever size you want.
  2. Change the brightness, color saturation, contrast, and sharpness of the image.
  3. Rotate and despeckle the image.
  4. Automatically match colors to DMC, Anchor, and Madeira color tables, or create a custom color table for matching.
  5. Limit the number of colors in the converted chart.
  6. Control how color matching and reduction are done.

Other features
  1. Open up to 10 design windows at one time.
  2. DMC, Anchor, and Madeira floss colors are available and new colors can be added as they are released or needed; custom colors can also be added.

System requirements:

  • A PC with at least 512MB of RAM
  • Windows XP, Vista, and 7
  • a 450MHz Pentium II processor
  • 32MB of disk space
  • a mouse
  • a CD-ROM drive

These are the minimum requirements. More memory and a faster processor, which most computers have these days, are strongly recommended, especially if you design large charts, plan to convert scanned images, or use some other features.

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