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EasyGrapher Specialty
EasyGrapher Specialty is a computer design program for needlework designers who want to create needlepoint, Hardanger, Bargello, plastic canvas, and other "canvas style" needlework graphs.

Specialty is different from most other graphing programs in that the grid lines represent the threads of the fabric. No longer do needlepoint and other similar designers have to adjust designs done with a cross stitch design program.

EasyGrapher Specialty is easy to use, versatile, and produces professional quality graphs fast! With features that can also be found in EasyGrapher Professional 2004, Specialty is for designers who do not yet need the power of our professional program.

Graphs can be designed and printed in color or black and white using up to 22 different line styles (or colors) for long stitches. They can include lazy daisy, queen, and picot stitches. Parts of the grid can be deleted for drawn thread or cut work.

Also, because we listen to our customers, we include a complete, printed reference manual with the program.

EasyGrapher Specialty sells for $99. Additional ordering and price information is on the Ordering page.

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Program Features

In the interest of space, only the more important features are listed. If you are looking for a particular feature not listed, first check the EasyGrapher Professional page. If it isn't there, you can email us about it. We do not yet have a demo available for Specialty, but we will be posting one soon.

Graph design features
  1. Stitch lines can be drawn in 22 different line styles/colors with "point-to-point" drawing.
  2. Stitch lines can end either inside the grid (9 places) or on grid lines.
  3. Lazy daisy, queen, picot stitches, and French knots can be drawn.
  4. Up to 108 symbols of your choosing, from a possible 139, can be drawn on grid lines.
  5. Symbols are specially designed for needlework graphs
  6. Graph size is virtually unlimited (500 by 500).
  7. DMC and Anchor floss lines available plus the ability to create custom colors.
  8. Create graphs with both square and non-square grid sizes.
  9. Delete portion of the grid for drawn thread or cut work.

View features
  1. Design graphs in color directly on the screen.
  2. The fabric/background color can be changed to any DMC or Anchor color
  3. Display the graph in 8 different grid sizes on the screen
  4. Customize the display to use white, black, or colored symbols or stitches and colored, white, or black stitch lines
  5. Toolbar can be customized for quick access to your most used commands.

Editing features
  1. Cut, copy, paste, flip, delete, and rotate designs or parts of designs
  2. Supports true multi-level undo to erase mistakes.
  3. Patterns (motifs) or whole graphs can be pasted directly from disk files.

Print features
  1. Prints beautiful, professional quality graphs in black and white or color with variable grid sizes, 4 different line options, and 3 different symbol options.
  2. Customize the printed graph using special margins and include center line markers, customizable title line, blank grid squares around the border, and page numbers.
  3. Print an extra row and column for graphs needing more than one page.
  4. Easily print graph paper in any grid count, including fractional counts.
  5. Print highly customizable color charts (legends) with options to sort and print in 2 columns.

Other features
  1. Comprehensive help is available on the screen as you are using the program.
  2. Graph size calculator helps in calculating the size of stitched graphs.
  3. Graphs from our DOS EasyGrapher Specialty can be read and converted.

System requirements:

  • A PC with at least 512mb of RAM
  • Windows 98 through Vista plus 32-bit Windows 7. EasyGrapher Specialty is not compatible with 64-bit Windows versions.
  • a Pentium II processor
  • 8mb of disk space
  • a mouse
  • a CD-ROM drive

These are the minimum requirements. More memory and a faster processor, which most computers have these days, are strongly recommended, especially if you design large charts.

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