. EasyGrapher
We are happy to offer you demos of EasyGrapher Home and EasyGrapher Professional 2004. These demos have the complete program. Every feature can be used with only a few exceptions:
  • all the save commands are disabled
  • only the supplied sample chart can be printed
  • in EasyGrapher Professional 2004, only the sample graph can be exported

The EasyGrapher Professional 2004 and EasyGrapher Home demos will work with Windows 98 through Windows 10.

To download, click on the appropriate blue selection(s) below:

EasyGrapher Home Click here (7752K)
EasyGrapher Professional 2004 Click here (8692K)

Demo Instructions

With some browsers, you may have to click on the link with your right mouse button and then choose "Save as" or "Save link as" or "Save target as" to download the file.

The demos are provided as one file each.

To install the demo, just find the downloaded file Setup.exe in Windows Explorer and double-click on it with the left mouse button to start the installation.

Important! - If you are installing on a PC with Windows Vista or a later version, please see this page for information on the additional step you must do:

While these demos are copyrighted, you can copy them and give them to others subject to certain restrictions. The legal details are included in the demo.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Technical Support or email us.

EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz Demo

We are sorry that we cannot offer a demo of EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz. This is because the stitch diagrams you would see on the screen of a demo look just like they would when printed. It would be very easy to capture diagrams from the screen without having to save or print them. We hope the examples shown on the Stitch Wiz page give you a good idea of what the program can do. You can always email us for further information.