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EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz
EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz is a revolutionary computer program for creating needlework stitch diagrams and stitch guides! It is ideal for professional designers, needlework store owners, and teachers for cross stitch, Hardanger, needlepoint, bargello, and other types of needlework.

For owners of previous versions of  EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz, click here to see a list of the new stuff for EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz 4.0.

Curved stitchEasyGrapher Stitch Wiz brings a level of professional appearance to stitch diagrams not seen before without spending many hundreds of dollars, or hours and hours of work, or both.

Stitch Wiz created quite a sensation when it was first released and we continue to work to improve it to make it do more and more of what you need diagramming software to do.

With version 4.0, Stitch Wiz has even more of the features you are looking for in a diagramming program. Now there is advanced curve drawing which lets you draw more complex curves than before and gives you better control over the placing of curves. Stitches can be set to end in 16 and 25 different positions making it easier to draw complex stitches. And the new Break Line command makes it super-easy to draw interweaving stitches.

Think about how much better you could spend the hours of time that Stitch Wiz could save you! Or, how many more sales of your designs there would be if you included clear, easy to follow stitch guides to help push potential customers over the edge into making that purchase! Or, how much easier it would be to teach students who had clear stitch diagrams to follow instead of a hand-drawn version!

To show you Algerian Eye what we mean, this algerian eye took about 2 minutes (yes, two!) to draw, including inserting numbers and arrows, and exporting it as an image to go into a word processing or desktop publishing program. (Now, you probably will not want it to look quite like this, but we wanted to show you some of the features of Stitch Wiz) Naturally, we have had some practice using the program, so it may take you 5 minutes in the beginning.

For years designers asked us to create this program because one didn't exist. They were tired of the agony they had to endure in creating diagrams with general purpose drawing and paint programs. Well, there is an easier way now!

Stitch Wiz is great for drawing diagrams for many specialty stitches. But with recent feature additions, it is much easier to draw diagrams for Hardanger. And with the abilities to shift line end points to precisely place them, complex diagrams can be made to look better than ever.

While the examples we show here may not look like diagrams you would want to use, we drew them to illustrate the features of the program. So if you are interested in a  particular feature, look at our examples to see if they show it. You can also refer to the feature list below.

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So what does Stitch Wiz really do?

Weaving exampleStitch Wiz is a computer program that has features for drawing stitch guides or stitch diagrams that illustrate how to stitch needlework stitches. (Is that enough to keep you in stitches?) It takes a lot of the drudgery out of drawing diagrams. At its simplest, you can set the drawing options and draw your lines in the stitch on the screen, print it out, and you have a professional quality stitch diagram. The program takes care of automatically numbering or lettering  the individual stitches and placing the directional arrows. It also provides a simulated over/under fabric weave.

Some more advanced features let you create the weaving example you see here.

Program Features

This is a list of the major program features:

  • 11 line (stitch) styles, including "original," ellipse, and solid lines; fabric line, and needle
  • draw symbols using four symbol styles
  • automatic over/under fabric weave provided
  • draw stitches (lines) above and behind the grid
  • automatic numbering of stitches using numbers, lower case letters, or upper case letters
  • restart or change numbering at any point in the diagram
  • set the number position to the beginning, end, or both ends of lines
  • automatically draw arrows in the middle or either end of lines
  • draw curved stitches
  • set the colors, both interior and outline, of lines and symbols
  • vary the size of symbols and rotate them
  • place annotations (text) on a diagram 
  • delete portions of the fabric grid for cut or drawn thread work
  • export diagrams as image files to take them into desktop publishing or word processing programs (11 formats, including BMP, JPEG, EPS, and TIFF)
  • control the width and color of the fabric grid

Over/under needleAlso, while line end points normally can end in 9, 16, or 25 different positions inside the grid square, they can be adjusted to more finely position a stitch so it is  just where you want it. Line also can be drawn freestyle.

Because we listen to our customers, we include a complete, printed reference manual with the program. This is pretty unusual these days, but many customers like to have information on a printed page rather than on a computer screen.

Stitch Wiz Stitches

Due to many requests from customers, we have released collections of already-drawn stitches that can be used with EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz 4.0. Click here for more information.

Is there a demo?

When you draw a diagram, the screen looks just like the diagram will print. That is why we cannot offer a demo of EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz. We can only show you some examples of what it can produce. But our standard 90-day, money-back guarantee applies. We warn you though, we have had only a very small number of them returned.

Now, Stitch Wiz is not intended to create complete designs, only for stitch diagrams or illustrations. Our other programs are for creating complete charted designs. Stitch Wiz is a totally separate program from our other products and its diagramming features are not included with our other products.

Price and Ordering

EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz sells for $299 plus shipping. If you have an earlier version of Stitch Wiz, you may be eligible for upgrade pricing; please contact us. Additional ordering and price information is on the Ordering page.

System requirements:

  • A PC with at least 512MB of RAM
  • Windows XP, Vista, and 7
  • a 450MHz Pentium II processor
  • 12MB of disk space
  • a mouse
  • a CD-ROM drive

These are the minimum requirements. More memory and a faster processor, which most computers have these days, are strongly recommended, especially if you design large diagrams or plan to export diagrams to desktop publishing or word processing programs. As a general rule, if you are running Windows all right, then you can almost certainly run Stitch Wiz.

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