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EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz
Stitch Wiz Stitches are collections of already drawn stitches to use with EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz 3.0, and can also be used with later versions of Stitch Wiz including 4.0. There are currently two collections available.

We know that there are multiple ways to represent stitches. These collections are only a starting point for diagramming stitches the way you want to use them. You may prefer your stitches done in a different style than what we chose. Please, change them to suit your needs. 

The stitches included are:

Stitch Wiz Stitches I

Arrowhead continental italian cross
blanket couching knotted
brick crossed scotch lazy daisy
brighton cushion leaf
buttonhole darning long legged cross
byzantine diagonal ground mosaic
cashmere diamond straight oblong cross
chain double leviathan plaited
checkerboard double star pulled thread
chevron variation doublebrick roman cross
chevron encroaching straight gobelin singlebrick
combination crosses fly slanted cross
condensed cashmere framed scotch straight gobelin
condensed diagonal mosaic french knot straight oriental
condensed hungarian diamond french three stitch cross
condensed hungarian greek tied windmill
condensed scotch indian stripe

Stitch Wiz Stitches II

crossed gobelin kalem or knitting surface weave
diagonal greek long tent
diagonal upright cross milanese tied star
double cross norwich trammed cross
double herringbone oblong cross with backstitch trammed goeblin
double straight cross old florentine trammed tent
double twill oriental trellis cross
double parisian triangle
encroaching slanted gobelin ray turkey work
fan rhodes twill
fishbone rococo or queen upright cross
florentine rya weaving
hungarian diamond scotch checker wheat
hungarian ground variation scotch wheel2
hungarian grounding slanted gobelin windmill
hungarian spider web woven plait
jacquard stem

Price and Ordering

Stitch Wiz Stitches I and II sell for $69 each plus shipping. Additional ordering and price information is on the Ordering page.


  • EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz 3.0 or later must be installed.
  • You must be a registered owner of Stitch Wiz.
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