. EasyGrapher
Once you buy our programs, we do not expect you to pay full price when we release an updated version of the same program.

To be able to upgrade, you must have registered your program with us or be able to provide proof of purchase.

In addition to discounts for upgrading the same program, we often offer discounts to all our customers when we release a new program.


There is no standard upgrade cost. Upgrades are priced based on the program improvements and which version the program owner has. Generally we charge no more than half the retail price of the full program, and sometimes less.

Notifying Customers

We notify customers of new offers by regular mail (snail mail). We will also post the information on this web site. If you are a customer and would like upgrade information, please email us.

Free Upgrades

Except for special situations, we offer free upgrades for customers who recently purchased the program being upgraded. Because of our 90-day return policy, the minimum grace period for free upgrades is 90 days.

Competitive Upgrades

If you own a competing program, you may quality for a rebate on the purchase of one of our programs. Click here for details.