. EasyGrapher
This is a list of most of the enhancements in EasyGrapher Professional 2004 from EasyGrapher Professional 2002.

If you have any previous version of our EasyGrapher programs other than EasyGrapher Stitch Wiz, you may be entitled to upgrade at a reduced price. Please contact us for details.

If you have: The upgrade
cost is:
EasyGrapher Professional II
EasyGrapher Professional 2000/2
EasyGrapher Professional
EasyGrapher 97
EasyGrapher Specialty 2.0
Any DOS EasyGrapher program $199

To see the changes from EasyGrapher Professional 2000 to EasyGrapher Professional 2002, click here.


1. Grid under the View menu now offers the options to simulate a chart as it would appear stitched on:

  • white linen
  • ecru linen
  • natural linen
  • white aida fabric
  • ecru aida fabric
  • ecru canvas
  • painted canvas

2. Both Print Chart and Export As Graphic Image can print and export the new simulated fabric grid styles.

3. The speed of some features has been improved, such as deleting the grid in a selected area. 

4. Underlay information is saved with the chart so the program can restore the underlay image when the chart is reopened

5. The chart can now be scrolled using keys on the keyboard:

  • Ctrl-PgUp scroll to the top edge of the chart
  • Ctrl-PgDn scroll to the bottom edge
  • Ctrl-Home scroll to the left edge
  • Ctrl-End scroll to the right edge
  • arrow keys scroll one row or column
  • Ctrl-arrow keys scroll one window length or width

Note: Ctrl-PgUp means hold down the Ctrl (control) key, type the PgUp key, and release the Ctrl key.

6. The Color Key is exported using the Rich Text Format instead of a plain text file. This means that symbols will transfer over to another program without having to insert them individually.