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Computer Beginners
Learning to use a computer can become very discouraging. You have read the manuals a dozen times and most of it still sounds like Greek. Your kids seem to have no trouble at all learning it, plus they make fun of you because you are "so slow."

There are a few observations we have made over the years that can put all this is some perspective.

First, and most important, all this stuff about computers sounds like Greek in the beginning to just about everybody! And from personal experience we can tell you this applies to "computer" people, too. It is a rare person who is immune from spending the time to sit down and work out most of this one step at a time.

Kids have a gigantic advantage over adults because they don't have to work, pay bills, worry about filing tax returns, figure out what schools to send them to, and whatever else comes with being a responsible adult. Kids can disappear for hours at a time while they play with the computer or talk about computers with friends.

Many customers who have called us have heard the comparison of learning about computers and learning how to drive a car. Many people grow up riding around in a car while their parents drive. They spend years watching, learning as others drive them before they have to sit behind the wheel.

Learning about computers is a totally different situation for most adults. There is no similar learning period when you can watch others before you sit down in front of that keyboard. What's more, cars are a lot easier to operate than computers are!

So don't get too discouraged when nothing seems to be going right and you want to turn that mouse into road kill.

This is also why we say there are no "stupid" questions about our programs or how to use them. We will gladly answer your questions, no matter how dumb they may seem to you.

This is also why we try very hard to make our programs easy to use, no matter how much or how little experience our customers have. You can try our demos and see.

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