. EasyGrapher
Why EasyGrapher is different
EasyGrapher design programs differ from many other needlework programs in two main ways.

First, you do not have to tell the program how big a chart will be before you start designing. EasyGrapher programs give you a "blackboard" to draw on anywhere you want to start. The program keeps track of where your chart is so that, for example, when it prints a chart, only the portion of the blackboard that has something on it is printed.

Second, when you draw a chart using symbols and/or colors, the program keeps track of what symbols you use from your color key, whether you see black & white symbols, colored symbols, or colored blocks on the screen.

The advantage is that two different symbols can be assigned the same color.

To show you how this helps, imagine you are designing a chart where the roof of a house uses the same shade of brown as the trunks in the surrounding trees. If you use different symbols for the trees and the roof, you can easily try different shades for the roof without changing the trees.

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