Are you tired of designing cross stitch and needlework charts using graph paper and pencil? Or have you tried other design programs and found them too hard to use? Are you just looking for an easy way to chart a picture? Or are you looking into designing for profit? You're at the right place!

Our EasyGrapher needlework design computer programs let hobbyist and professional designers create beautiful charts for cross stitch, needlepoint, Hardanger, Bargello, plastic canvas, blackwork rug hooking, and other needlework.

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What worries people most is how hard it is to use a program. Our programs are known for being easy to use, even for computer neophytes (newbies, beginners, whatever - we were all there once). At least our customers tell us so. We try very hard to make our programs that way.


Our Programs
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EasyGrapher Home makes it easy to design cross stitch graphs, either from scratch or by converting scanned pictures.
lets you design needlepoint, Hardanger, Bargello, and plastic canvas graphs (not cross stitch).
Professional 2004
is for professionals, teachers, and others who want to create more complex cross stitch graphs and needlepoint, Hardanger, Bargello, and other types of needlework graphs. It has all the features of EasyGrapher Home and EasyGrapher Specialty plus much more.
Stitch Wiz
is a unique program that makes drawing stitch diagrams a breeze!

We thought we were creating programs to design needlework charts. Shows you what we know. Our customers have found many uses for our EasyGrapher programs. One customer laid out her new kitchen. Another designed her garden. We are always interested in how our customers use our programs - even those we never imagined!

If you have EasyGrapher Professional II or later, EasyGrapher 97, EasyGrapher Home, or EasyGrapher Specialty, you can download updated color table files on our Demos page (at the bottom).

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